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I'm Mathematically Unique

World class support for teachers and school leaders to help provide ALL student with access and success in Math and Reading Literacy. 

Educational Toys


I'm Mathematically Unique is 

Our Services

Paving the Path to Success

We help teachers build strategies that will increase student mastery and discourse in the area of mathematics. It’s custom. It’s creative. It’s consulting. Fill out the form today to get more information, and start your journey.

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Committed to Quality

The benefits of professional consulting are limitless. It’s time to transform your school, and I.M.Unique is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed. We offer a FREE observation/consultation to see what you need and how we can serve your staff. Fill out your information below to learn more.




Professional Development

Dedicated to You

From personal to professional growth, I.M.Unique wants all teachers to be the HERO of their own story. I believe that every educator who has the desire, also has the ability to be great! Our trainings provide you with the tools and resources to reach your fullest potential.

Hands on  Training
Providing Mastery
We know how important it is for students to experience education in a way that allows them to make connections. Our hands on trainings gives educators a "leg up" on how invite students into the learning, and how to model mathematics to help their students discover math concepts in a meaningful and tactile way. 


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VR Training (NEW!!!)

Innovation and Technology

IMUnique has partnered with READI Consulting LLC, a tech enabled training company that uses Virtual Reality as an immersive learning tool to help build Math and Reading Literacy for young adults. 

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